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Nigel Farage interview: ‘Full marks to Barnier. He scared the establishment into surrender’ (The Times)

Nigel Farage

A chipper-looking Nigel Farage is returning to the political front line and rescuing Brexit from its enemies is just the start

Brexit’s in trouble, not that you would know it sitting opposite the genial fellow off the telly who brought it into being. Nigel Farage is lean, tanned and relaxed. He wears £2 coin cufflinks and gives every indication of enjoying life immensely. What he actually says, though, will be ominous for many of those who have taken him seriously in the past.

He says a highly organised Remain campaign is plotting to derail Brexit by forcing the government to suspend Article 50 as negotiations with Europe grind to a halt this autumn.

The former Ukip leader threatened to return to frontline politics if he believed Brexit was in peril. Two months on, he does and he has. Fired up by the “abject surrender” of Theresa May’s Chequers plan and what he calls the betrayal of the people by Britain’s political class, Mr Farage is rewinding the clock to 2016.

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