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Brexit putting the union at risk, new poll reveals (The Independent)

Scottish and EU flags (Getty)
Almost half of Scottish voters want independence if the UK leaves the EU next year.

Brexit is damaging support for the British union in both Scotland and Northern Ireland, a new poll has revealed.

Almost half of Scottish voters – 47 percent – said they would now vote for independence if the UK leaves the European Union. Only 43 percent said they would vote for Scotland to remain part of Britain after Brexit.

The latest Deltapoll findings also showed that Brexit is also harming support for the union in Northern Ireland.

A majority of voters in the country- 52 percent – would back a united Ireland outside of the UK if Brexit goes ahead. Only 39 percent would vote to remain part of UK.

The same survey, commissioned by the Best for Britain and Our Future Our Choice campaign groups, pointed to even stronger opposition to the creation of a so-called “hard border” across Ireland after Brexit.

It found 56 percent of people in Northern Ireland would be willing to vote for a united Ireland if the UK left the EU and a hard border were set up.

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