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Momentum won’t block second Brexit vote debate at Labour conference (The Guardian, Jessica Elgot)

Momentum’s national co-ordinator, Laura Parker

Wed 19 Sep 2018

More than 100 constituency parties want party to back a referendum on Brexit deal.

Momentum has said it will not block a debate on Brexit at the Labour conference, meaning the party could see members back a second referendum on the conference floor.

Last year, Momentum steered its delegates to vote on other topics, including housing, the NHS and rail, to swerve a possible vote on single-market membership which could have exposed tensions between the Labour leadership and members.

In Liverpool this year, that will not be repeated, Momentum’s national co-ordinator, Laura Parker, said. “Last year, the context was very different. Now, it’s absolutely inevitable there will be a discussion on conference floor, I can’t conceive there won’t be – we’re 200 days away,” she said. “Without a doubt, there has to be a debate.”

More than 100 constituency Labour parties have submitted motions to the Labour conference calling for the party to back a referendum on any final Brexit deal, which campaigners believe is an unprecedented number.

The drive has been spearheaded by a number of leftwing groups, including Another Europe is Possible, Remain Labour, Labour for a People’s Vote and the student group For Future’s Sake (FFS).

The final motion put to Labour conference is likely to be a compromise thrashed out between delegates from CLPs that have submitted anti-Brexit motions, trade unions and the leadership.

Labour’s governing national executive committee could also offer its own statement as a substitute, rather than risk being defeated on the conference floor in Liverpool by grassroots delegates who support a second referendum.

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