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‘ONLY PLAN ON THE TABLE’ Angry Theresa May fires back at EU leaders after they claim Chequers Brexit plan ‘will NOT work’ (The Sun)

An angry Theresa May appeared exasperated as she reacted to the EU chucking out her Chequers plans

By Natasha Clark
20th September 2018

On day two of a European heads of government meeting in Salzberg, Mrs May stuck to her guns and said again that hers was the only option that could deliver for everyone.

She said she had a “frank” talk with EU leaders, but insisted she was “negotiating hard” to try and get a deal despite the set-backs.

An irritated Mrs May insisted that plans for the Irish border “cannot divide the UK into two territories” and she would never accept that, but admitted there was just weeks left to come to a deal.

However, Mr Tusk told reporters at a press conference just a few minutes earlier: “There are positive elements in Chequers, but this adjusted framework for economic cooperation will not work”.

In a brutal take-down this afternoon, the European Council boss insisted that the PM’s ideas would tear apart the bloc’s principles, and they would not accept them.

In two extraordinary press conferences this afternoon:

  • Mrs May was forced to yet again rule out another Brexit referendum, after two EU leaders suggested she hold one
  • The PM stressed she was doing all she could to try and get a deal, but that all the no-deal preparations were continuing to deliver Brexit no matter what
  • Mr Tusk predicted that “moment of truth” for Brexit negotiations will come next month at another crunch summit
  • He said that Britain’s plans would risk the “integrity of the single market” and the bloc would not budge on them

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