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Theresa May’s team plot snap election to save Brexit (The Times)


PM faces new cabinet battle over immigration

Tim Shipman and Caroline Wheeler
September 23 2018, 12:01am

Theresa May’s aides have secretly begun contingency planning for a snap election in November to save the Brexit talks and her job after EU leaders rebuffed the prime minister’s Chequers plan.

Two senior members of May’s Downing Street political operation responded to her summit humiliation in Salzburg last week by “war-gaming” an autumn vote to win public backing for a new plan.

In a telephone conversation on Thursday evening one of them said to another Tory strategist: “What are you doing in November — because I think we are going to need an election.”

With May’s position in peril, The Sunday Times can also reveal that another member of her inner circle has told cabinet ministers she is likely to stand down next summer — a move designed to stop them resigning now to replace her.

The plans to shore up May’s position were revealed as the prime minister is braced for a cabinet row over Britain’s post-Brexit immigration policy tomorrow.

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