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The Characters

Vue de Chequers, la résidence de campagne des Premiers ministres britanniques


L'entrée du 10 Downing Street
The door of 10 Downing Street

The Characters in the novel

Political figures:

  • Tracy Meller, British Prime Minister, the main protagonist
  • Jeremy Jones, Leader of the Labour Party
  • Guy Wick, leader of the Euro-sceptic movement in the Conservative Party
  • Édouard Marquet, French President


  • James Callagher, billionaire Chairman of the HGB Bank and of the Financial Club
  • Philip Denniel, Governor of the Bank of England
  • John Klin, Economist
  • Laura Soriens, Chief Executive of HGB Bank
  • Luke Trosden, Market speculator
  • Mark Tweeds, Financial Analyst at Standards
  • Nick Walderg, Trader at HGB Bank

Other Characters:

  • Jane Farrow, Philip Denniel’s mother in law
  • Patrick Gills, Janet Gradens’ husband
  • Janet Gradens, a young woman with mental health issues
  • Nancy Mills, Nick Walderg’s girlfriend