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The Black Country

Black Country Living Museum in West Midlands, West Midlands

Picture above: Black Country Living Museum near Dudley, West Midlands.

The Black Country is a region situated west of Birmingham, known for being one of the centres of the British Industrial Revolution. The origin of the term “Black Country”, anecdotally seems to be related either to the abundance of coal deposits, with large seams lying close to the surface, or to the pollution which covered the area with soot in the Victorian era.

The Dudley constituency Brexit vote had the largest lead in the polls in June 2016: 118,446 votes for Brexit, 56,780 votes against. The wider West Midlands region voted by more than 59% to leave the European Union, and Dudley more than 67%, while the national result was slightly below 52%.

Guy Wick, pro-Brexit Conservative grandee, organises his first campaign meeting in Dudley, capital of the Black Country.

More about the Black Country:  Black Country Living Museum website

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